Interaction and Experience Designer

SPEED, BEING, VOID |Speculative|

Speed, Being, Void

A speculative exploration about how information technology speeds up the way people live and think.

Individual Project


Ahmed Ansari


2 weeks in 2018


Research, Photography, Indesign

The Challenge

When does your concept of time become overpowered by energy and emotions?  How do your values influence your perception of the world?  What does it mean to be in a void?

The Outcome

In order to attract attention in a system filled with excessive information, an attention economy is formed. Essentially, media practitioners compete for the attention of otherwise fulfilled audiences. Living in a designed distraction system, people are hindered to be at one moment at a time. Thus, moments that enable transporting awareness become most valuable.



estrangement/ speculation/strangeness/future/future cosmology/modern cosmology/present day beliefs, norms,values/human/media/provocation

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