Interaction and Experience Designer

VR WORLD-BUILDING |Research-Environment|


A environment research method to contextualized neighborhood, informing better design.


with Soonho Kwon, Anna Gusman, Scott Leinweber, CMU School of architecture


9 Weeks in 2016


Houses modeler, Environment builder


SketchUp, Unity, Photography

The Challenge

Project RE_ rebuilds communities by developing products and housing that strengthens the local residents living condition. The current project is to build affordable housing solutions for a low-income, mid-gentrification neighborhood in East Liberty, Pittsburgh. 

The Outcome

This virtual reality model of an mid-gentrification neighborhood in East Liberty, Pittsburgh, is made with Sketchup and Unity softwares and can be experienced in VR headsets. 


Neighborhood environment and Demographic study

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Research Study


Houses in the neighborhood were individually made in Sketchup. The neighborhood environment was created with details.


Neighborhood houses and environment were applied in Unity, creating a interactive virtual reality environment. 


This photo was taken when exploring variety of ways allow more people to access the virtual reality we made.