Interaction and Experience Designer


Travel Pop Up

First physical experience design for KAYAK, an online meta-search travel website.

Travel Pop Up translates Kayak’s unique destination exploration tool to a branded experience, interaction, and environment, bringing the company values to their customers.


Individual project


8 weeks in 2017


End-to-end experience Design, Interaction Design, Innovation, Research, storyboarding, photoshop, illustrator, InVision, Unity, physical prototyping

The Challenge

Digital platform contains excessive, overload informations. Company needs new ways to extend it’s brand and products to customers. How to bring a digital service company to customers hometown?

Design Principles

  • Deliver KAYAK’s values: desire, achievability, ownership, and autonomy

  • encourage the desire to travel and make it achievable

  • Consider end-to-end experience

  • Foster customers to communicate and story tell about travel

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 5.59.54 PM.png

Navigation Diagram

  1. Walk around the map to explore destinations

KAYAK presentation_dec4.011 copy.png

2. Double tap with your foot to instantly travel

KAYAK presentation_dec4.012 copy.png

3. Experience what it is like to be at desired cities

KAYAK presentation_dec4.013 copy.png

4. Save destinations to your KAYAK web app

KAYAK presentation_dec4.001 copy.jpeg

5. Receive best timings to buy low cost tickets and education tools to enhance your travel experience.


Secondary Research

I researched on KAYAK’s background, including it’s historical perspective, the service and market, competitors, existing audience, brand atitudes and behavior, company situation, brand essense and personality, and future opportunities, including it’s known, considerations, interactions, desired brand attitudes.

Content Analysis

Desires— Through exploration, they encourage desires and tell stories.

Tools— Through transparent and objective comparison tools, they make desires achievable.

Customization— Through complete customization, they provide customer ownership and autonomy.

Concept Development

KAYAK is a travel meta search service website, allowing customer to search, compare and explore travel itineraries, including airline, train and cruise tickets, rental cars, and accommodation from hundreds of travel websites.

I focused on KAYAK unique exploration tools service — a transparent and objective comparison tools which KAYAK suggests travel destinations based on customer preferred time, budget, temperature, activities, or countries.

I was interested in applying KAYAK’s values for encouraging desires, making desires achievable, and providing customer ownership and autonomy.

Research Through Design

I was investigating form through making. I pictured a mysterious, evoking, transparent, inviting pop up, having outdoor activity space and indoor interactive spaces.



Multiple Iterations of scenarios were made. I intended to design interactions that align with the research insight I concluded:

Encouraging desires and tell stories through exploration, making desires achievable through transparent and objective, and providing customer ownership and autonomy through complete customization.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 3.36.01 PM.png

Model Making

In KAYAK TRAVEL 360 immersive experience has inviting, flexibility and flow qualities. 

The floor is an digital interactive world map.

Entrance information panel is a solid two sided sheet that bend outward, creating an inviting entrance.  

Circular wall panels are angled slanted transparent sheets with projecting scenes on, metaphor KAYAK’s value in data transparency. The function of walls to be angled slanted is to adapt weather changes, collecting and navigating rain drops to one location. 

The top panel is an olive green concave tear drop shape that is made out of mirror. The olive green color on the top allow the form to fit in the park environment. The slight concave form creates open space for air to flow in and out.

The mirror creates an immersive experience with reflected lights in the space.[The physical model is made with acrylic board, acrylic sheets, mirror sheets, and prints.


Process Documentation