Interaction and Experience Designer

Forgotten Food Kitchen

Forgotten Food Kitchen

A social entrepreneurship awareness campaign promoting consumer food waste awareness and responsibility.


with Monica Huang, Marcus Greer, Matthew Harding, Njairé McKoy, Ben Yates


3 weeks in 2018

Role: Concept Development, User-research, Pop Up Shop Design

Methods: Interviews, User Test, System Thinking, Service Blueprint, Value Flow, Videography, Illustrator, Photoshop

The Challenge

Majority of food-waste occurs at food retail business and at homes in the United States. Studies have shown that people are interested in taking action to reduce food waste, however, they are unaware or apathetic about the cause of and the approach to the issue. How to create consumer ownership in the environmental impact of food waste?

The Outcome

Forgotten Food Kitchen seeks to raise food waste awareness and responsibility in local communities and greater environments through it’s mobile kitchens and online presences.

  1. Mobile Kitchen

User experiences mobile kitchen around the city. Users are able to buy dishes made of the produce of the day and the produce.  

QR code enables users to link to the online platform.

ffk truck-09.png

2. Web

Users are able to connect with Forgotten Food Kitchen anywhere and anytime, see what is happening at the mobile kitchen, explore and takeaway recipes made with forgotten produce, involve in community events (ex: food waste education workshops, cooking classes with local environmental programs, and taste the world lunch club), follow FFK on our other social media (ex: facebook and instagram).





Business Model

Entrepreneurship Pfinal.png
  • Raise awareness on food waste

  • Engage public to take action

  • Explore new recipes & new ways to live

  • Educate public to buy “forgotten” food

Design Principles