Experience and Service Designer
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EHR: slightly Better Than Nothing

2018 Research, Methods

Role: Interview recruiter, Interview Recorder, Information Interpreter, Affinity Diagram co-maker, Visual Designer

Methods: Interview Recruit, In-person Interview, Affinity Diagram, Insights Summary

Collaboration with: Thomas von Davier, Michael James

Advisors: John Zimmerman, Jodi Forlizzi

Time: 8 weeks

The Challenge

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) provides health ownership for patients to improve health outcomes. However, misalignment happens between clinician and patient expectations and goals using EHRs.

The Outcome

This project we investigate the misunderstandings within an existing EHR system through interviewing pregnant patients and healthcare providers specializing in pregnancy within the UPMC network. Potentially, the gathered insights afford a better designed EHR system in the near future.

EHR poster_final 2.png


We recruited UPMC clinicians and pregnant patients through email, posters, and snowball sampling.


We asked patients about how their pregnancy journey, who is involved, and what their appointments are like. We then take anonymized screenshots of their EHRs and reviewing the content with them. Patients divulged what they find confusing or intuitive.

In contrast, we asked clinicians about their views on the health information in working with patients, their working procedures, and interactions with patients. We then presented the anonymize screenshots form our patients to discuss their impressions and concerns.


We translated the audio files of twelve interviews and anonymized quotes to create the affinity diagram.

Affinity Diagram_final.png


We wrote down questions from looking at patients and clinicians’ common impressions and concerns of EHR and the health care system. Then we gathered quotes to support answers with evidences.


We concluded our research insights by listing out the success and breakdowns of existed EHR system with supporting quotes from the interviews.