Strategy & Service Designer


cMOA Band

2016 Experience, Product


Individual Project_

Methods_Experience Design, Storyboarding, Illustrator, Photoshop, Photography

Time_2 weeks


How can walking though museum space and looking at exhibit work be enhanced with a more holistic experience design?

Cluelessly walking in museum space and looking at art works is frustrating. Use, CMOA Band, visitor effortlessly experience personalized visit through My CMOA Experience platform. Visitors are ables to easily plan ahead online to enjoy their time when arrive.



CMOA Band + EarPods

CMOA Band provides three interactions: pause and play, save, comment and share provide navigation and allow you to save interest, share experience, and purchase goods.

EarPods provide navigation and assist learning art works


Touchpoint 1_ Museum arrival

one watches two minutes of 3D museum exhibitions overview video, while saving one's interests by tapping the save icon on CMOA Band.


Touchpoint 2_

One scans CMOA Band for identity recognition and ready to customize My CMOA Experience.


Touchpoint 3_ Enter Museum Digital Space

Customized My CMOA Experience: New visitor

Customized My CMOA Experience: Old visitor


Touchpoint 4_ interact with art piece

CMOA system detects one's location with CMOA band and the EarPods plays the descriptions of the art piece. By tapping Save on CMOA Band, one saves the art piece to Favorites.

tweet talk.png

One speaks to CMOA Band to shares thoughts on CMOA Share.

One scans CMOA Band on on of many scanners in the museum to check customized route.

When resting or curious, one scans CMOA Band to checkout CMOA Share on thoughts about art pieces.

One finds out the art pieces that people are talking about.

When leaving, one scans CMOA Band to connect My CMOA Experience and air drop saved Favorites to one's personal device.

One purchases goods with CMOA Band.


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