Experience and Service Designer


Delightful experience happens when a person feels engaged with other people, objects, and spaces. Yet, it does not happen as frequently as expected. As an experience and service designer, I use human-centered, system-thinking, and innovative approaches to create seamlessly holistic experiences. 

I am an experience and service designer. I recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) school of design, focused on Environments and concentrated in both Human-Computer Interaction and Intelligent Environments. I have tackled a variety of new, complex challenges with solutions that are human-centered. I just finished working on a social innovation project with Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Pittsburgh Creative Reuse Center to amplify their mission in environmental conservation. Previously I worked with Boeing Horizon X to envision the future of mobility and worked at CMU Human-Computer Interaction Institute to user-research on misaligned expectations regarding UPMC electronic health records. 

Showing through the design approaches I used in Spectacle, Travel Pop Up, and other projects, my interest is to apply my design process to tackle worlds complex problems and to create innovative and inspiring ways to make an impact on the society and economy.

I am currently looking for a full-time job. Please keep in touch.